TMS Designs
TMS Designs
Sold by: Twirlin Merlin
Joined: February 15, 2007

TMS Designs was established way back in early 2006. Although initially a small store the size of many SL back yards, we have grown to be one of SL's leading suppliers of furniture and indoor/outdoor household items.

If you are looking for living room furniture, beds and bedroom furniture or simply that small inexpensive ornament or item to bring your home to life TMS Designs Store will have something for you.

We stock a wide range of exquisite, craftsman made furnishings covering many historical time periods from medieval and gothic through to modern contemporary.

As fervent creators we are constantly creating something or other and of course like to make different things now and again so you'll never be sure what you'll find in the store.

Our Success:
The reason for our success is simple: Quality creations with attention to detail at a reasonable price made with a passion for creating together with what I can comfortably declare is the best customer services in SL.

Since beginning trading in SL I can hand on heart say I do not think we have failed to answer one single customer enquiry. No unanswered notecards. No unsatisfied customers.

I'm always here to help if you have a problem and am easily distracted from my 'No doubt urgent creative work' if a good conversation is to be had;-)

People tell me I should also make more of the fact we support a very worth while charitable organization. When TMS Designs first began to turn a profit back in 2006 we put the profit to good use, supporting one child via Action Aid, (an organization which sponsors individual disadvantaged children in countries worldwide and where the monies go directly to improving conditions for that child and their community and are not swallowed up in administration).

Today we are pleased to say TMS Designs is now supporting 6 children in 6 different countries. That's not thanks to us at TMS Designs. It is thanks to our customers past and present.


Our store policies are quite simple:

1. The customer is always right.

2. Malfunctioning Items: In the rare event an item fails to work correctly please contact Twirlin Merlin. I will replace malfunctioning or broken items providing they are intact.

3. Lost Items: Please refer initially to:
If all else fails contact Twirlin Merlin in w

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