Water Horse
Sold by: Tyrian Slade
Joined: March 26, 2007

Our mission is to bring the most realistic and customizable animal avatars into Second Life. We design for our customers: the animal enthusiasts, the collectors, and the roleplayers. We pride ourselves on some of the best mesh in Second Life, and true-to-life animations. We also make sure our user interfaces are easy to use and intuitive. The animations and human-animal interaction systems we include with our work make it easy to be an animal avatar in the predominantly human world of Second Life.


Our items are sold mod/copy/notrans. All avatars come with lifetime updates. You can obtain a new copy of your avatar from the redelivery terminals at our store at any time. However, this feature only applies to avatars bought in world. It’s not that we dislike the marketplace, the marketplace just doesn’t offer that kind of functionality. Marketplace users: we highly recommend keeping a backup.

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