Be Happy! Full Perms Store
Be Happy! Full Perms Store
Sold by: madalina Arun
Joined: August 27, 2009

-> Be Happy! has a large variety of full perm templates, dresses, outfits,skirts. Textures include leather, sequin, camouflage, polka, dots, spring, summer, flowers, knitted, chocolate, galaxy, stars, asphalt, tiles, parrot, feathers, drapes, fan, canvas and much more.

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1. Redelivery: there are times when items are not delivered. Please fill a notecard with your transaction about purchased items (date/product name/amount) and send to madalina Aeghin or Ricky Hyland. We do our best to reply promptly.
2. Refunds: We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any items, whatsoever. All items are full perm. They cannot be returned. Please select carefully

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