Bare Rose
Bare Rose
Sold by: June Dion
Joined: August 07, 2005

-Store starting from 10 Years ago.
Sculpted , Mesh, and Material textured items we have.
-2000 over outfits (not included color variations, shoes and such a items in this number)
-Items :Gift (Transferable) Clothing,Clothes,Mens,Shoes,Skin,Kimono,Gothic,Goth Lolita,EGL,Costume,Hair,Cyber,Japanese,Free,Mall,Book,Animation,Fantasy,Punk,Neko,Vampire,Wedding,Ethnic,Kawaii,Cosplay,Maid,Angel,SCIFI, Holiday,Santa

-Special Sections

Lolas Appliers and Mesh dress for Lolas

Flat chest section (Chest size under 20)

Omega Appliers

Petite Mesh AV's dress

Ring and Necklace


- My English is limited. I cannot reply accurately. No RP mode please. Sorry.
- No refunds for items. if you got delivery trouble. Get support first from available Staff.
- No support for Free/Raffle/2nd hand Items. Ask available Staff if they have a spare sometime.
- No change permissions for items. No exceptions
- We cannot have more branch unless special case.
- Sorry not taking custom ord

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