Griderz Breedables
Griderz Breedables
Sold by: Griderz Luv
Joined: August 07, 2010

Welcome to the Griderz Breedables Marketplace Store!
A whole new dimension in breedables!
The Griderz Zwicky are now at version 2.00!
More fun and entertainment now that the anger has been unleashed!
Fight them!
or just sit back and watch them play.
Love them!
And watch how they love you and your friends back!
Zwicky have a online rewards points system, fight stats, owner stats and much more...
Free Zwicky Zelly Flowers are given away from several stores every week! Zelly Zippers (Spores mature flowers produce) increase your Zwicky maximum ages when they chase and eat them...
Join our Zwicky Chat group for help and community involvement...

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