Confederation of Democratic Simulators Land Store (Tor Karlsvalt)
Confederation of Democratic Simulators Land Store (Tor Karlsvalt)
Sold by: Tor Karlsvalt
Joined: June 08, 2009

Originally founded in 2004 as the City of Neualtenburg in the Anzere region of Second Life, the CDS is a community operated by and for its citizens.

Our estate consists of six regions that have loosely based Germanic, Tuscan, Alpine, and Mediterranean themes, representing different historical periods. The CDS is not a role-playing community.

All are welcome to visit, explore, and become a part of our dynamic community. Land ownership in the CDS means citizenship, with the right to vote, run for office, and have a say in the direction and projects of the regions.

Our regions are some of the the most beautiful in Second Life. We have an exceptional mountain in the alpine regions. Walk on mountain trails following gushing mountain streams. The Italian lower regions captivate one with charm of the seaside and meandering rivers. Changing seasons make the regions new several times a year. One can spend hours hunting for the hidden mysteries in the extensive public areas. Treasures and secret passages abound. Ski, hike, boat, fly small aircraft from the airport, or horseback ride.

Neufreistadt and Colonia Nova are historically significant. Neufreistadt was among the first private islands and originally named Neualtenburg. Over the years a good deal of updates have occurred, but there are still examples of early Second Life architecture in the form of the Clock Tower and Rathaus. Colonia Nova, the second region in the estate, was the first Roman residential region in Second Life. It was originally a rendering of Roman Cologne Germany. Although, its theme has evolved over time, there remain elements of old Roman culture.

I hope you visit our wonderful land and consider making it your home in Second Life. If you choose not to, please join our group as a friend, visit frequently and join our events.

Thank you for your attention,

Tor Karlsvalt,
Chancellor of the CDS


Owning land in the CDS confers the right to vote in our elections and to serve in office as a member of the Representative Assembly, the Scientific Council and as Chancellor.

Participation in the government of the estate is voluntary. In addition to government posts, a resident can serve on any number of event committees or as an estate manager or helper. Or one can just have fun.


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