*S-A F* Sense-able Fashions
*S-A F* Sense-able Fashions
Sold by: lysa Helendale
Joined: July 22, 2008

Sense-able Fashions came as most stores do from someone wanting something they were not finding easily. So I began texturing the best meshes I could find, and pricing them so they were affordable for others. Since January I the store has slowly grown, and my texturing has improved. Many of the items have huds to allow extra value. And recently I began slowly learning how to create custom mesh items. Right now these are small, accessories, but perhaps in the future I will get rigging and weightpainting down and there will be unique *S-A F* Outfits.

We do have a flickr group open for images featuring the *S-A F* clothing!


If there is an issue with delivery please send an email to lysahelendale@live.com with your transaction history copied and pasted. Include all information including time and name of garment.

PLEASE try on the mesh demo's before purchasing the outfits. Viewer 2 is needed to see mesh.


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