SLC - The Original established since 2007
SLC - The Original established since 2007
Sold by: Serina Lacava
Joined: January 21, 2007

Our history began in the middle of 2007, when Serina Lacava started as a fashion designer. Her creations became popular very quick, so that on November 1st, 2007 the label SLC Collection and a main store were founded, to give the customers the opportunity to buy what they craved for.
The company started with a small range of t-shirts and jeans, but grew very quickly because of the determination of the owner in learning how to make her own fashion collections and is meanwhile famous for it’s sexy and detailed style: The unmistakable style of Serina Lacava. Today we have a wide assortment and are able to deliver more than 500 different articles.
We offer our customers everything they like to look for: both woman and man fashion, all hand made clothes and underwear, but also accessories like handbags and shoes.Because many many satisfied customers asked for festive gowns, we started on December 1st, 2009, a second line: The SLC Couture, where S is designing exclusively so called Haute Couture.

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