~Mani Pedi~
~Mani Pedi~
Sold by: Miyushu Babii
Joined: April 25, 2007

Yes! I am the one and only ~ ME YOU SHOE BAY BEE!

Betcha didn't know that I knew how to make stuff!
Well I do! And now I'm going to sell the stuff!
Fun stuff! One of a Kind stuff!

YAY STUFF!!! More to come! Stay Tuned!

I usually log on every day but go AFK without warning so if you have any questions, here's what you do:

IM me...THEN copy the IM to a notecard and send that to me directly in SL!

Sometimes, my IM's get capped and sometimes Notecard delivery isn't reliable either.

Sooooo...IF you don't hear back from me within a day keep trying!

And here's a link to join my ~Mani Pedi~ group!

OR you can come to my ~Mani Pedi~ Salon in Second Life and click the Subscribe-O-Matic!


Mr. Tuty's

I'm still testing to see which "other" mesh hands/feet static/bento are Omega friendly. (as long as you purchase an Omega Installer Kit for your mesh body type, this includes the Vista Bento Omega Installer Kit.

-My Omega polishes WILL work on Slink.

-They WILL NOT work on Maitreya. You MUST buy my ~Mani Pedi~ Polish Applier Maitreya HUD's.

-The Slink/Omega polishes WILL work on Slink's Dynamic Bento hands, as long as you have the Installer Kit installed with your Slink Alpha HUD.

-The Maitreya polishes WILL work with Maitreya's Bento hands. Period.

Belleza - testing phase. If Omega works then I will not make separate Belleza polishes. But, if Omega does not, then I will go back to the drawing board and make Belleza polishes.

I am unable to provide polishes for TMP. My hands are tied. There is no developer kit available.

Tonic, Eve, etc: Testing phase. Hopefully Omega works but...we'll see.


If you have any delivery issues, send me an IM with Proof of Transaction and any other details you think I might need to know about THEN copy the IM into a notecard and toss it my way! Can never trust IM's or delivery of notecards in SL lol! So best to cover all bases!

I'll get back to you within 24 hours, I'm usually logged on every day. I go afk without warning as I am a live-in care give

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