XO's  Fine Erotic Art
XO's Fine Erotic Art
Sold by: Exotica Wylder
Joined: April 11, 2009

Erotic Art for your home, skybox, mansion, dungeon castle or club.

We have everything from fine works of Erotic Art to Pure Filth.

And there are naughty Porn textures spice up your Profiles.

The Artwork pieces are Photoshopped & frame for Exquisite Detail

Interracial Art is a Special Passion, as are all types of Love & Romance.
More art is being added, so stop by, And look for more fetish art to come,

Passion, desire, bliss, Kiss. romance, insatiable, love, lust, lips, hard, aching, desire, penetrate, intense, heat, crescendo , chocolate, satisfaction, satiation, contentment, happiness, peace, dreams


Your Copy will NOT have Kisses. roses or Hearts : )
Those are watermarks

IM me or drop a note card if you have a problem. I am happy to make it right.
Please note the differences between textures & Framed Art Pieces. You can tell by price.

I love my customers! ♡♡♡


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