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"Since 2015 making state of the art products for artists, creators, designers, performers, fashionistas and original thinkers like you.

Don’t be a copy, be the original.”~ Noke Yuitza.

E.V.E is artist Noke Yuitza’s brand for CG art and fashion designs in Second Life. The brand objective is to expand users imagination and preserve their originality through science and art techniques, as how light performs over sand particles or clothes behavior under zero gravitation, to create pieces that are original from their concept design to the final product, innovating and being avant-garde in the way they perform in virtual worlds.


POLICIES AND SUPPORT: https://evestudio3d.wordpress.com/policy-and-support/

For any suggestion, question or/and error related to E.V.E items and gachas, please send a NC titled:“Item name or Gacha set name – Your Name: Issue or Question”

E.V.E's designs and art pieces are original creations and are protected under © law.

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