Square One Basics (formerly xtc Designs
Square One Basics (formerly xtc Designs
Sold by: Baby Shortbread
Joined: July 07, 2005

xtc Designs has been rebranded to Square One Basics. All of your favorite xtc Designs clothing and skins are still available at a now discounted rate of $49L or less.

Square One Basics focuses on the basics. Many skins are now available at great prices with many options. Clothing is to come soon!


Many of our items are non-transfer. Non transfer items are non refundable and non exchangeable. If you have an issue with an item, please contact me in-world. Non transfer items can be sent as gifts through the Second Life Marketplace, or you can contact me directly. Please be advised that if you contact me regarding a personalized delivery, there could be a delay.

I, Baby Shortbread, am the so


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