Padre Loco
Padre Loco
Sold by: Iorick Mistwood
Joined: December 24, 2009

I'm Iorick Mistwood, after more than three year on Second Life, spent mostly on build, furnish, scripting, animating, finally I learned Blender to make better objects with new mesh tecnology, so I have decided that now it's time to sell my own works.

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PADRE LOCO sponsor "RIR life" check the blog to get all the updates.


Thank you for you interest!
We make our best to serve you and promote high quality products.

In case of any problems please contact Iorick Mistwood by Notecard no IM because delivery capped for too many message.

Redelivery issues: PLEASE DROP ME A NOTECARD IN WORLD, I log at least 1 time every 48hours, write in notecard your name, product name, date of order and number of order if possible

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