Avé-Moi! Furnitures & Fashion
Avé-Moi! Furnitures & Fashion
Sold by: Luthia Carter
Joined: May 17, 2007

Ave Moi Furnishings for the Luxury Life!
Avé-Moi! Designs specializes in luxury PG & erotic furnitures, home decorations & fashion. Visit the main store in-world to try all products. Our line of furnishings runs from Victorian classic to modern and beyond to erotic fantasy settings, accessories and decor. Our popular beach furniture settings, campfire circles and cuddle sets have been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts and water front landscapers alike. All sets are AVsitter and many are Bento enhanced for the fun and ease of use. Made for every taste and ready to test at our In World showroom.
Ave Moi Fashions for the Luxury Life
Couture style without the expense and price of the high end designers, Ave Moi offers a complete selection of ladies apparel. From what is hidden below the classic cut of our mesh outwear to the simple style and cut of the dress, Ave Moi designers place attention to detail, mixing and matching the finest of unique colors and textures to make outfits that truly make a girl stand out. Sexy to professional, flirty to sporty, oozing with elegance to knock around outfits, you will find it all in our In World showroom right across the plaza.


All products permissions are mentioned in product listing.
We do not do any Refunds once an item is purchased unless in the rare case of non delivery.

It is absolutely forbidden to copy any of the items created and sold by Mlle Carter. Non respect of this will result in a complaint filed.

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