Calamitous Intent
Calamitous Intent
Sold by: Toy Wiskee
Joined: June 23, 2010

All Purchases are Copy, No Mod, No Trans, unless otherwise specified!

If your purchase includes one of the following:

Shoes are Slink(Or any mesh feet for that matter): The feet are NOT included.

You can find Slink Feet here:
Marketplace :

Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Omega, Lena Perky/Lush:
Find out more about Omega Appliers here!
Love N Lust SLurl:

Sometimes through no fault of my own, the properties in HUD's can fall off, meaning that while I set the HUD to Copy, no Mod, No Trans, after they are packed and sent to where they go to be distributed for sale, the copy falls off for this reason I suggest you manually unpack the lunch box by rezzing it on the ground if the HUD fails to unpack. It's a pain I know but it saves us both frustration.

All Purchases Standard Agreement For Not Transfer Items:
If you have an issue with any of these items please contact me, Toy Wiskee in-world via notecard.

* I do not give refunds of no transfer items please be sure of your purchase! If the Item has a demo please try it.

*Should you not receive the item for some reason (usually the fault of servers, etc.) If you send me a notecard with the transaction information I will redeliver the product. If Purchased in-world there is a redelivery terminal in the main store

Thank you,
Toy Wiskee


I DO NOT give refunds, please be sure of your purchase before buying. I will redeliver failed deliveries, even from Marketplace. Please send a Notecard with transaction information and I will be happy to send along the item.

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