Boutique Breeders KittyCatS!
Sold by: SkyeLeeSpirit
Joined: December 07, 2013

I buy and collect KittycatS! and after three years I have learned a lot and collected a lot more. With all the new emphasis on boutique breeding and mixing newer traits with older furs I have started watching for the odd, the retired, the lost and hard to find so that everyone can have a chance to breed that one special kitty or select one for the perfect pet.
Prices are as follows
5T or Less - 150 L
6T - 200 L
7T - 300 L
8T - 400 L
9T - 500 L
New or Rare traits 100 L extra.

My personal goal is to see new adorable kittens go to new caring owners and trait breeders.
If you cannot find what you are looking for please leave an IM to Skye Lee Spirit with details.


Contact SkyeLeeSpirit in-world for delivery issues. Please leave a note card as IM's do get capped. If you have a problem with a kitten and have checked your land, your grouping and your food, then you need to send a support ticket to KittyCatS! direct at this link: or just click the "Blog" link on this page.


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