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Kyxe Designs
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There are moments in Second Life where real life and second life converge. Designers create remarkable masterpieces that are inspired by the world around them. Like many in our real life, we may buy clothing, makeup or dye our hair different colors, and never realize we are a victim of the fashion police until someone we know tells us. Or with subtle changes to the colors we wear, we emerge into amazing fashionistas that are continuous complimented on our style.

My mission is to transform each woman into an amazing vision of beauty. Is it her lips, her eyes, the sound of her laugh, her amazing smile…

Each customer becomes a work of art and like the colors of the season, each product only adds to your beauty.

I reward My Kyxe’s Beauties with generous discounts on accessory products after the purchase of a Full pack skin or two basic packs as long as you remain a Kyxe’s member.

Let me continue to surprise you with new products and group gifts.


• If you have any questions or issues, please send all notecards to Kyxe Resident and I will respond to your request.

* In the event that you do not receive your purchase, you can request a redelivery by clicking on the link provided at the time of purchase or send a notecard along with a copy of your transaction history and I will ensure that you will your purchase quickly

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