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I sell thing's I create, for Second Life avatars and third party add ons.

A big part of my store is gatcha items. Most come new and un-packaged. Some don't have packaging at all. But are still first hand items (not used or modified)

Rare gatcha items are priced based on what think they are worth, based on rarity,functionality and usability.

Normal gatcha items are priced a little above buying price, only to make up for marketplace fees.


No refunds unless there's a screw up on my end and you don't want a fixer upper.

Additionally GATCHA items which are no copy are non refundable.

Please note that if you have not received a GATCHA item you will need to wait 24 hours [sometimes less] before the item is delivered to you. This is due to no copy items needing to be sold through the old marketplace system.

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