[Vato Loko] Street & Urban Wear
[Vato Loko] Street & Urban Wear
Sold by: Tula Dexing
Joined: February 11, 2010


Only if you buy the SAME item twice by mistake and the item is NO TRANSFER. Please send a notecard to Tula Dexing with your FULL SL NAME and the transaction details.

NO REFUNDS FOR WRONG PURCHASES,please make sure you’re buying the right item.

Please send Tula Dexing a notecard with your FULL NAME and the transaction details and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you don’t receive an item bought on the SL Marketplace please wait 8 hours before writing me; Linden Lab itself specifies that your delivery could take up to 8 hours depending on server load.If after this time you still haven’t received your item, check first if you have been billed at all (Linden Lab should refund you automatically if they can’t deliver the item for some reason).
So,if you’ve been billed and haven’t received your item after 8 hours, please drop me a notecard following the procedure above.

Remember: if you are in busy mode, you CANNOT receive your item from the Marketplace.


For more detailed information regarding exchange | refunds,failed transaction,and failed delivery on SL marketplace,please read PROFILE information of the store (above)

Please try a demo first and be careful before you purchase.
Only if you buy the same item twice by mistake (only for copy items).
Please send a notecard to "Tula Dexing" with your "FULL NAME" and the transaction details.

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