Muse Creations
Muse Creations
Sold by: Adonaira Aabye
Joined: March 26, 2007

Muse Creations provides you with high quality builds and designs. As creator I don't follow one specific trend but build what inspires me. Therefore you will find also other products in my store besides home supplies. Enjoy your purchases and be so kind to leave a review!

The former name D&A has been replaced by Muse Creations but it is still same store. The name just suited better to what I like to build.


- How can I see the real sl colors during midday (standard view)?

Re: Just look at the pic with the white background and orange banner...accompanied often by the footer: ' colors during midday'. You can also see a small preview on the right bottom.

-How come some advertisement pictures do not have a separate pic for 'sl real view' or a small preview on right bottom?

Re: The advertisement pic itself is hardly enhanced and shows the 'sl real view' very well.

-What can I do if I purchased something without checking all the pictures and find out I am not happy with my product?

Re: I would suggest to check the item info better next time.



Please check the permission of items and all advertising photos (see profile section above) and info before you purchase.I don't take responsibility of what you purchased and don't repay and exchange for such errors.
Items showing in my order list as 'not delivered' but paid, will be redilivered. For other delivery problems file a support ticket at marketplace.


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