Mesh Exclusive Clothing Store
Mesh Exclusive Clothing Store
Sold by: MalevolaAddams
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Addams is a brand created from the union of 2 3D designers, dedicated to multitask and studying the latest technologies in Second Life . Together they decided to pool their knowledge and created clothing and footwear line with the latest in the market.


The Brand used Rigged Mesh and Fitted Mesh technology, both adapted to 5 standards sizes of Second Life Avatars
Female: XXS - XS - S - M - L 
Male: S - M - L - XL - XXL


They are characterized by the use of HUDS, in almost all of its products, giving the buyer the possibility to choose between multiple colors and designs, creating a fully customizable garment. 
They also include many Alphas to combine clothes and give the possibility to ask more if you require them.


Addams started doing womenswear, then included unisex footwear and soon launch edition Men's Clothing

We invite you to follow the news, in the Notice group or personally contacting your cofounder Malevola Addams. 

Thank you for choosing us.

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