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(Formerly ..elation.. by Sy Winterwolf)

[Creepy Twins] is owned and operated by my sister, Cayleigh and I. She's the brains and I'm the ... hrm. I'm something. Each side of the store is dedicated to each of our zany if not sometimes crazy style tastes. We're like the ying and yang - and you'll see that when visit. Thanks so much for checking us out! It would be our pleasure to help you in any way possible if you have a question or issue :)


Some info to know....

~ All questions will be answered as quickly as possible, however I ask that you allow at least 24-48 hours for a response. If you have not heard from me before then, please send your request again. It may not have been received. I often leave my avatar logged in even when I am not around, but sometimes I crash and do not get IM's or they get capped.

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