Wild Orchid EDGE
Wild Orchid EDGE
Sold by: MsSuzanneMichelle
Joined: June 10, 2014

from the creator and designer of the Wild Orchid brand SuxanneMichelle.

The EDGE brand of clothing for SL is designed and created by famed Wild Orchid designer SuzanneMichelle - Dedicated to the very best quality, original designs and customer service.
Please direct all questions or service requests in-world via notecard to: SuzanneMichelle or MsSuzanneMichelle for immediate response.

Edge by SuzaneMichelle, Wild Orchid, brands, textures, designs and logos copyright 2014-2017 Wild Orchid/SuzanneMichelle


All items are sold copy/no trans

Re-Deliveries are always available free of charge - Visit our in-world store for re-delivery terminal available 24/7

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