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Joined: January 26, 2013

We are 2 guys who found that being a bit nerdy is kinda cool. Then we discovered the fun of building things. Clothes were made and prims were customized. Next thing we know folks are telling us that we should sell the items we are making. Slow at first we delayed realizing that the nerds inside us were coming out. Now we make and customize mesh for Aesthetic and Signature Dev and a few others. We have a major department store in world with not just clothes but also boots and sunglasses and helmets and light projectors and all sorts of stuff. .
With eyes wide open and no spackle to be found we grew tired of the constant Butt Crack. We came up with the motto "Butt, No Crack" and apply it to everything we sell. We thought we'd show a lil bit of class..

In case you were wondering the name JTCrusher = Jacktop10 + Studcrusher
So come see our in world department store. BTW we sell cheaper in world then in Market Place.


Being burned once or twice by misleading selling gimmicks we in turn refuse to be misleading or not be forthcoming with details that you wish you knew before you bought it. Butt, we must protect ourselves against predators and scammers.
All copyable items are not returnable. Only No copy, No Mod, Trans items are likely returnable. Nothing is written in stone

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