Artisan Fantasy
Artisan Fantasy
Sold by: ArtizanMesh
Joined: October 18, 2013

AF is an artisan fantasy SL brand dedicated to crafting home furnishings, lighting, décor, outdoor and garden, as well as accessories.

AF creations can be found on the Artisan Fantasy sim in world, on Marketplace, and on Casper.

Our designs are inspired by classics and brought to life with an eye to quality design, rich texturing, exceptional animations, and minimal land impact.

We aim to deliver items that become staples in the dwellings of Second Life and hope that our creations inspire and enhance role play or what ever your purpose is for being here.

Want to capture our attention for your suggestion? Tell us your story, what you would like to have created, and how you envision it being used. Then send ArtizanMesh Resident a NC. We will consider all requests and if one fits with the direction of the shop, it may very well become an offering.

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