Maison de la Marquise
Maison de la Marquise
Sold by: Marine Kelley
Joined: October 28, 2006

Maison de la Marquise ("House of the Marquise", in French) is a movie production company.

We are dedicated to producing quality adult BDSM and vanilla movies, most of them being strongly influenced by, and in homage to, the website "House of Gord" (

We have also begun producing high-quality fetish outfits such as latex catsuits, exclusively for mesh bodies.

Why a French name ? Because it always sounds more erotic in French, doesn't it ?

All our movies are meant to be viewed on the High Definition Video System by Marine Kelley.

Attention : Explicit mature content !


All our tapes are to be viewed on the High Definition Video System by Marine Kelley, which you can find in-world at the address below.

Most of them are adult BDSM stories with explicit pictures, text and videos, some of them are simply vanilla, but no less explicit.

All avatars and their users are of age. No child sex is depicted, neither explicitly nor implicitly. All sex is consensual. Act

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