Gator's Gallery & Bookstore
Gator's Gallery & Bookstore
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Gator's Gallery & Bookstore is the home of original work by artist and real life author Elinor Caiman Sands. Elinor creates her own mesh and hand painted textures which she uses in a variety of unique products including gacha collectibles, home decor and avatar accessories.

If you like science fiction and fantasy stories, please also check out Elinor's published writings. You can do that by visiting her inworld bookshop or by searching for "Elinor Caiman Sands" on Amazon.

In Second Life, Elinor is a tiny alligator and can often be found snoozing above her good-sized store in the heart of the tiny community. She's known as Daisy Gator, Daisy or just The Gator. Her official linden name is "thegator resident" so search for that if you need to IM her.

Elinor also hosts SL's best trivia game show "Tinywood Squares." See the Gator's Gallery blog for current information about that.


Any problems please send an IM to "thegator". Even if I'm not online I'll get your message as it will be sent to my email. Don't send me a notecard (unless you've also sent me an IM to tell me about the notecard).

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