Candy Fayrays *Just a Sugar Rush*
Candy Fayrays *Just a Sugar Rush*
Sold by: Candy Fayray
Joined: August 08, 2007

*Welcome to Candy`s Just a Sugar Rush*
We do offer LIFE2 related food and furniture.
Yes we do offer also custom food, please call us.
We have also one of the largest Inworld stores for LIFE2 with the largest choice for your LIFE2 needs.
*Info: The Old LIFE is currently off the grid. When returned you will find this also in my store*
We hope to offer also soon for XeoLIFE food and furniture.
We do also offer Rentals, we will offer them when we have some open for rent. Or call me please Inworld for more Informations.
If any problems with the food or furniture please feel free and contact me with the purchase information.
I will send you ASAP a replacement.
For other builds please read the Information about prim count and permissions. Thank you.
*ONLY INWORLD we offer Cars for Kids*

We see us inworld. Have fun


Problems ?
Then call me. We will solve them.
For Rentals call Candy Fayray or you can call Lucie Wiefel
Sorry *NO* Refunds,
Only Replacements.

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