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Vampire's Kiss Marketplace Store
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Back Story

Since the dawn of time in every age, there have always been tales of sightings of a pale lady.

Perhaps the tale speaks of her wandering the crumbling ramparts of an ancient castle, or perhaps she was seen within a graveyard hovering close to the tombstones, or perhaps she was seen hitchhiking along some lonely stretch of road, wherever there are people there are sightings of these pale ladies.

What if all these sightings could be attributed to just one person? I mean many of the tales speak of connections to death and are quite foreboding.

What if this individual was something much darker than these tales imply?

The Dark Goddess has reawakened and this time she is famished, her infection will likely spread to others and before you know where you are, perhaps you have enjoyed the taste of the ‘Vampire’s Kiss’


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