7wishes & 1313 Mockingbird Lane
7wishes & 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Sold by: Wish Starchild
Joined: April 04, 2012

7wishes is a fun flirty brand with vibrant prints and solids that pair well together.

1313 was intended to lean towards the darker side of fashion and to express my love for costumes and roleplay. I got off track though, and so I am splitting the brand and reorganizing to create 2 distinct brands.


Store policy - all sells are final, please always try a demo first. With that said, I will always be happy to address any issues that are not related to whether or not the mesh fits your individual shape and body.

If you have an issue, contact me in world. I rarely check MP reviews. Please do not give a bad review when a simple notecard will allow me to offer you customer service. It's rude.

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