<EMOZIONE> Poses & more
<EMOZIONE> Poses & more
Sold by: Niani
Joined: February 02, 2011

Poses with a unique style
- simply full of emotions-
for all who are addicted in SL photography!

Feel inspired by our work.

Not doing custum work.

NEW: Shapes for BENTO mesh heads!

~Niani Resident~


♦Items are NO TRANSFER!

♦All products by <EMOZIONE> are NO TRANSFER; this means absolutely NO EXCHANGE and NO REFUNDS, just double purchases will be refunded. So be sure to make a copy before you edit!

♦If you have an issue or miss your item drop a NOTECARD with your full name and a copy of the details of your transaction history to Niani Resident or Fingol Resident.

♦ We do no custum w

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