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Sold by: Stelli Nova
Joined: August 10, 2014

Specializing in SL UV furry texture mods.
Currently supporting female, femboy, and male options. Newer mods are BOM only (no appliers), using the head slot.
I tend to create whatever I want to see more of on the grid.

Prices are discounted inworld!
FOR OLD, RETIRED / UNLISTED PRODUCTS: Please use the inworld redelivery terminal!


★ No refunds except for double purchases.

★ Tech support: I'm happy to help within my abilities and knowledge.

★ Custom edits: Generally "no" unless it's very simple. EX: Changing the mouth/nose colour.

★ Personal edits: For those who know how, I give blanket permission to do small personal edits. EX: adding makeup, scars, etc. But NO REDISTRIBUTING ANYTHING, thank you!

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