Trinity Clothing
Trinity Clothing
Sold by: CaidenceHarrison
Joined: July 12, 2013

Trinity Clothing by Kylie and Caidence Rose.

An eclectic mix and match collection of mesh clothing and an assortment of appliers makes up this boutique clothing store.

Our Sheer Sexy Range of clothing combines with our latest contribution to the boi in every woman with our TCBoiz collection. We also offer several fantasy inspired outfits which are constantly a work in progress.

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We invite you to contribute to our Flickr page:

We do this for the love of it, we're not perfect but we're proud of what we put out and we only put out what we would wear ourselves (with the exception of some of the more risque clothing which we might wear in the privacy of our own homes!! Winks!!)


It's a policy of this store that all transactions and interactions are conducted with respect and dignity.

Please try the demos before you buy. Refunds will only be given for double purchases or faults. In all other cases refunds are at the discretion of the owners. Please contact us directly and will we help any way we can.

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