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Modern builds for fashion show across the grid. Our builds are made with quality in mind. I do not specialize in Animations or scripts, just the prim/mesh builds. You will be responsible for your own animations and scripts. Our builds are no Modify or Transfer. You can copy them as many times as you wish to. If you require something edited for coloring or textures you will need to submit transaction information for proof of purchase within 72 hours of purchase or I will not modify it to your desired colors and or textures. You will also be responsible for proving the full perm textures that you wish used in the color and editing of the build. You will be sent a gyazo link to see the upgrade before it is complete to determine weather it is to your liking. You may be responsible to pay a retainer fee that is nonrefundable, this is for purchase of materials and my time invested. Retainers start at $2500L to $5000L and this is on top of the current purchase price of the already completed build. I an not interested in doing any custom builds as my free time is very limited as I am very busy in my real life (I have a career) and sometimes I am very busy in my Secondlife as well. My friends and family are first at all times real Life and Secondlife. I DJ at a club that my sister is the general manager for, so builds come as I have free time and have a creative flow. I have an inwolrd group that you can join for updates and information about new releases. Our runways are usually low prim however depending on the added detail it can be over 30 prims, it all depends on the components used within the design and build, however I will do our best to keep them as low prim as possible. I want your fashion show to be a success and by creating low prim, scriptless builds without animations is how I contribute to a lag free Secondlife. Some builds can be ultra laggy when excessive scripts are used in many working parts, however I may create a build with script use but I will do my be


We do not offer refunds for any reason. We don't have a store inworld in Secondlife so there is no reason for laggy double purchase, if a double purchase is created in Marketplace that is your personal error and I will refund up to 80% of what Marketplace Pays to my account but please know that I WILL NOT replace the portion that Linden Lab takes. Why I replace only 80% of what I receive from Mark

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