Reality Designs LTD
Reality Designs LTD
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Reality Designs LTD.

Reality Designs specializes in creating high-quality products mesh with a very low ground impact , maintaining a high or very high level of detail, Beautiful Texturing , clean and stylish.

The software used in all our creations are: Autodesk Maya 2016, Z-Brush, Photoshop, xNormals (Turtle and mental Ray are our main Plug ins for creating ambient occlusion maps).

Reality Designs specializes in creating business landscapes, buildings, logos, furniture, nature, science fiction , fantasy and in general all kinds of objects.
Our company DO NOT makes clothing products.

If you need custom work contact in the virtual world of second life to puzzlemagnet or pablogoldenman.
WE always try to answer the very same day.
Preferably send a notecard.
Alternatively you can contact us by email to

Kind Regards

Managing Director



If You encounter some kind of problem with a product t purchased from our store, please contact right away puzzlemagnet. Your satisfaction is our goal forever

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