Sylvia's Pretty Nice Things
Sylvia's Pretty Nice Things
Sold by: Sylvia Wasp
Joined: August 11, 2010

I believe in quality design that begins and ends with the PRODUCT and not with the designer's ego.

I try to make Pretty, Nice, Things and I sell them at a reasonable price. I only make clothes that I actually wear myself. I don't shovel out crap, or keep prices high just to make money.

In fact, I generally don't make ANY profit on the products I sell so before you whine and complain ...

... think about that!


I choose the highest quality mesh I can find that is specifically, and very carefully, rigged for the Tonic body. I also try to find mesh that fits well *without* the use of alpha layers because while it may be sometimes necessary to use alphas, it shouldn't be.

So ... if something doesn't fit you, I have no idea why, and please ... complain to the mesh maker about it, not me.

I design clothes for Tonic and for Maitreya only. This is because Tonic is the best body out there in terms of design & realism and Maitreya is second in terms of quality, but also the most popular by far.

This means that you will NOT get a box with fitmesh for all the other bodies. You will NOT get "standard sizes."

The only exception is for PRIDE. Everything I make for PRIDE is created with the widest selection of mesh models available because everyone who wants to participate in PRIDE should be able to.


Everything at Sylvia's is clearly marked and fairly priced. For this reason there are NO RETURNS.

All clothes are Tonic/Maitreya/Slink fitmesh. For this reason there are NO DEMOS.

- no sales
- no fat-packs
- no groups to join
- no store/loyalty cards
- no discounts for "special people"
- no landmarks forced on you
- no spam (unwanted advertising)
- no Facebook or Twitter

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