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Welcome to the virtual marketplace for the all-new *EAT ME* Store!

We're currently working on putting up all of our products and are doing our best to get the doors to our store open, with Caspervend support, plenty of gifts, avatar, AOs and all kind of products and fun things in it!

You can expect us to be open by next, or maybe this week as we're striving to get our humble shop open so that we may bring the products that we've worked hard to make to your inventory so that you may enjoy them. Be it our animations to capture a different spirit for your avatar, a large make-over with one of our skins, or maybe just a few nice clothes!

We also plan to fully integrate Caspervend support to all of our products, so that you can get them redelivered in case of any incidents, and we will attempt to stay in touch with our customers, so send us a notecard with any of your compliments or constructive criticism at any of our store owners, and be sure to drop by the group!

Remember the spread the word too, since we'll have plenty of gifts for you to take once our gates are open, so make sure to spread the love of *EAT ME* amongst your friends!

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