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A quarterly subscription box featuring 12 designers creating exclusive* items geared towards the BDSM/Kinky community. First box will be available July 12th. Subscriptions start June 9th. At this time, only a female version is available.

*All items in the Bound Box are exclusive in texture and color. You can only get the items exactly as they are, by being a member of that respective box’s release. 6 months after the respective box’s release, designers have the option to release re-colors/-textures at their discretion in their store, while some choose to keep their items exclusive to Bound Box.

How It Works
Step One
Teleport to one of the participating designers or Bound Box Headquarters and register via a Bound Box kiosk. Gifting is available! Each box is 1500L.

Step Two
On the 12th of the month, all registered subscribers will be sent a HUD to wear.

Step Three
Wear the HUD, and click on each participating designer’s logo to receive their exclusive Bound Box release!

If you miss the Bound Box pre-order, you may purchase the HUD directly for 24 hours after initial release for 2000L at Bound Box Headquarters, after which there will be a one month hiatus in order to preserve exclusivity. After the one month hiatus, the HUD will be available for purchase for 3500L at Bound Box Headquarters. After 6 months from initial release it will be retired permanently.


1) There are no refunds.
2) Once the HUD for the month which you have bought is delivered to you, you have approximately 6 months to claim your items before the HUD becomes inactive.
3) If you have problems with your purchase, please contact Boundbox Resident by notecard and IM.
4) If you have problems with your item(s), please contact the individual creator(s) who created it by notecard and IM

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