The Painted Pony
The Painted Pony
Sold by: HappyDaize
Joined: September 30, 2013

***PLEASE NOTE*** The environmental settings & graphics settings that one uses in SL can significantly impact how textures on objects (such as the horses and avatar skins) will appear in your individual viewer. Please do not post reviews stating "The horse texture/color looks different in my viewer than it does on the vendor image...", because we can not control your personal viewer graphics or environmental settings. Linden Labs recently updated the Second Life Viewer's environmental & personal light settings and menus (April 2020). Our best advice is to try different sky pre-sets in the new SLV, and see if you can find one that works well for you. (For example, Nam's Optimal Skin 1 or 2 tends to be a fairly crisp, clean setting.)


~The Painted Pony~ is my Art Therapy. All of the textures are completely original, digitally hand painted works of art, by Happydaize Resident.

Why do I call it 'Art Therapy'? Partly because creating helps keep me sane, LOL. But also because I have both peripheral & autonomic neuropathy, which cause a lot of pain and additional issues with my hands, frequent muscle tremors and spasms, and sometimes impacts my eye sight as well. So art helps me to find ways to overcome those physical challenges and keep working & creating.

I paint and create using my 'mouse' (yes, no tablet, no fine tools, just a big old clunky mouse). Attempting to hold a pen even for a short time tends to be difficult and exceedingly painful. Only rarely do I use any special brushes in PS. The majority of what I paint is done using the normal stock brushes only.

I hope that you will enjoy your purchases from ~The Painted Pony~ !

*** As of July 28th, we are officially closing our shop, but will leave a few 'customer favorite' items on the MP. ***


-As of July 28, 2019, ~The Painted Pony~ store is officially closed.
-Absolutely no refunds or exchanges. Be sure to check descriptions & images to understand what you are purchasing.
-For failed deliveries/lost items: Use *ANY* Caspervend Re-delivery Terminal or MP redelivery.
-ALL textures are copyright/IPR protected and not for re-sale. Do not attempt to copy or create derivative works.

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