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Sold by: Kaine Braveheart
Joined: October 29, 2008

I’d always hated walking into other people’s homes and seeing that they had the exact same piece furniture as me designed in the exact same way. No variation. No option to mix and match pieces or to move around the small decor. Trove has all handmade(custom mesh) decor. And the best part is, each piece is detachable with no baked in shadows. Our consistent selection of colors means your furniture will always match no matter what you buy. Customize your home your way. No restrictions!

Black sheep is my new clothing Brand. Real clothing for Real women.


Most items are no Trans.

If you do not wish to lose a GACHA Item, send me a notecard saying so and send the item. I will then send you a copy/no trans version of the object.

There is a form in world to make any comments on my product. Please allow me to fix an issue you may have before being rude to me. I work hard on my mesh, but I am a humble human.

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