OM-HOME 2 - items for home and avatar
OM-HOME 2 - items for home and avatar
Sold by: DestinyIII
Joined: July 01, 2016

Land for sale

Cheap items for home, garden, RP

Inexpensive Building Packs for builders - FULL PERM

Here you can buy:
Inexpensive items for the land, house or castle. Medieval, fantasy, gothic, sci-fi decor. Beach tropical plants. Skyboxes. Fantasy clothes, flags, decorations, elements for building, textures, plants for garden, ponds and pools, animals, privacy screens. Decor for magic and role-playing games. Gothic and fantasy jewelry.

OM-HOME is the successor of the TERRA FELIZ partnership, so some of the boxes in which you receive purchases have an old logo. New products and sets will be exhibited in new packages.

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