Sold by: Munchflower Zaius
Joined: January 31, 2004

Welcome my friends to the Midnight Cabaret.

Created by Munchflower Zaius, Nomine goes to the limits of Second Life fashion. Darkness, haute couture, and bohemian inspired aesthetics at work.
Hand made skins that glorify your personal style, from the dark to the absurd. Something for every taste, and tastes you've yet to indulge.


* If I do not respond to your IM, please try again or leave a notecard.
* If it doesn't say NOMINE on it, I didn't make it and cannot help you with it.
* I keep more in my inventory than on the shelves, if you can't find something, please ask, chances are I have it.
* I will not respond to just hello or hi, please tell me what you need so I can help you.
* The angel wings, tears, arcane sym

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