GTFO! Get The Freight Out!
GTFO! Get The Freight Out!
Sold by: CinnamonMousse
Joined: August 18, 2013

Get The Freight Out! (GTFO!) is the premier freight hauling game in Second Life. Originally created by Rez Gray, the game consists of 3 integral components: GTFO! hud, GTFO! enabled vehicle, and GTFO! enabled land.
Items sold under the GTFO! brand work with the GTFO! game. For more information, join the SL group, Get The Freight Out! (GTFO!) and say "Hi!"


ALL ITEMS ARE NO TRANSFER. If you accidentally purchase additional huds for yourself, IM CinnamonMousse Resident within 1 week of the accidental purchase. Provide a notecard of all transactions purchasing the same item. Excess purchases may go toward a gift of the item to another avatar or you may choose to receive a refund.

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