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M-1 ART POSES is dedicated to providing Second Life photographers with quality static poses that are just a little different that what is normally found in most pose stores. Ranging from traditional standing model poses to artistic, erotic and Shibari.
Custom poses can made in world upon request for an additional fee by contacting JimGarand.
If you purchase a pose that does not quite fit your avatar I will be happy to remake the pose for you to fit your avatar specifically at no additional charge.
To insure that a poses fits your avatar prior to purchase, all poses listed on the marketplace can also be found at our in world store. Please see link below for a Land Mark to M-1 ART POSES.


It is the policy of M-1 ART POSES that all sales are final. Refunds are NOT available for any of our animations as there are demos available at our in world store for you to try before purchase. Additionally; due to the fact that I will happily remake any pose that does not fit your avatar properly, free of charge, regardless of whether or not you tried the demo first, refunds are out of the ques

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