Alec's Boutique
Alec's Boutique
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Joined: June 25, 2014

I am a new aspiring designer where I hope to create unisex clothes. Especially, the type of clothes without bulge for men, or both bulge and no bulge. My creations are not that perfect, but they are unique and gorgeous. I try my best to create good qualities. I purchase textures fabric ETC from other designers under the policy to create my own unique texture. I have a contract to create fit mesh clothes for slink, signature, and Belleza. I want to apply for more in the future. My goal is to create my own unique avatar to sell. I do not know how to create an avatar. Please give me friendly feedback. There are other many designers that you can choose to buy from.


Alec's boutique products are not made for re-sell or give away. You are not allowed to copy my product as your own on any other platform and second life. As for my mesh products: I have released a demo version. Please test the demo first, before you buy my outfit. Once you buy it, I'm going to assume that you have tested the demo. No refunds.

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