RBento store
RBento store
Sold by: Rou Aurelia
Joined: January 20, 2008

-R.Bento store-
-Important: SwankOriginals store changed the brand name into R.Bento store-
We create Bento poses. Stands , family , couples , Groups Poses , tattoos , cosmetics , mesh . No custom work . All items are created with love and for Props we use AvSitter to be more adjustable . Our stands contains HUD and animations that comes with their mirrors also. Please enjoy and have fun ♥
Disclaimer for Bento Poses:
It is impossible to make a pose that will fit perfectly every avatar either if it is single , couple or group simply because every Avatar comes in different sizes and/or different mesh bodies. Please try the poses inworld before purchasing. All poses are Modify and you need basic editing knowledge of both, poses and Mesh body parts to achieve a perfect fit. If you need Help i will gladly Help you if available ♥


»»» If there are any problems with the product you have purchased, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I can read my OFFLINES through my e-mails and i reply if needed. For any reason do NOT drop me a notecard , SL will eat it and there is a mailbox at store for this reason :) »»» Undelivered items from Marketplace or missing deliveries?- All packs contains a DELIVERYinfo

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