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Established in 2019, MÈMOIRE is an atelier fashion brand, integrating luxury street-wear and high fashion apparel to plaster it's customers with a vivid memory of their inner confidence and worth. From fabric design to color combination the store is nothing more but a stand out. It can't help itself; revving through the innovations with the subtle interplay of rooted esteem. Forging a new path in the industry, the Parisian-founded store ensures celebration of multifaceted couture and acceptance of all genders and ethnicity.

Remembrance is what thrives here at the atelier "immeuble" and throughout the years of a severe, un-tranquilized work era truced an unforeseen blast of equality; at least a desire for one in this foreign world.

We aren't a typical brand, We are an innovative one.
We aren't a generic brand, We are a substantiated one.

We are MÈMOIRE, and We will be your memory for the loving, unconditional reconciliation we all deserve through clothes for the justice and liberty for all.


MÈMOIRE will always ask that you to try our demo upon purchasing as we acknowledge the uniqueness and diversity in the Secondlife community.
MÈMOIRE does not offer any refunds unless there is proof of double (or more) purchases on an item. Besides from that exception, all sales are FINAL.
For all inquiries, write a detailed Notecard to Kiarbenz Resident or MEMOIRESupport Resident.

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