M&M Cat's
M&M Cat's
Sold by: Mendi Melody
Joined: March 11, 2010

Hello and welcome to M&M Cat's

We are 2 Cat lovers that fiend it fun to breed cats
so you can have your own little darling.

We have extended the shop with meeroos as well as we find them just to cute to keep to our self.

The Car's and Meeroos we sell, all comes as babies and you are therefor able to take care of them from "birth"

Hope you will Love and enjoy your new kitten or fantasy friend. ☺️

Hugs M&M staff.


No refonds on cat's and meeroos

All cats you buy are new born. Els it will be said in the info about the cat + you will se it on the picture.

All meeroo nests you buy are new born.

Food and milk can be found at the Landmark that comes
with your new cat.
Food, Hud and help can be found with the Landmark that comes with your meeroo

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