PURERICH Nails, Jewels and Accessory
PURERICH Nails, Jewels and Accessory
Sold by: PureRich
Joined: March 20, 2019

PureRich jewelry, nail and accessory items and other works are only be worn and used within Second Life®

By purchasing from PureRich you agree to the following terms:
Works created and designed by PureRich may not be redistributed. If you find that an original item from PureRich is being given out by someone other than the original creator, PureRich, please contact PureRich immediately.

All designs contained herein are subject to copyright protections afforded by Title 17 of the U.S.C. and other International copyright laws. Violations of the copyright will be pursued pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the EU Copyright Directive or EUCD and other applicable laws and treaties.

Information on how Linden Labs protect copyright owners can be found here: http://secondlife.com/corporate/dmca.php


To avoid any issues with the product, please visit the In-World store to get the DEMO version for trial.
No refund!

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