Jupiter Projects presents Gacha Crazy
Jupiter Projects presents Gacha Crazy
Sold by: TessaPaige Jupiter
Joined: July 23, 2009

Jupiter Projects creates inworld Public spaces. Currently, we are selling Gacha items on MP and at our in world store(s). Please check back for new items. Visit the stores in person for in world discounts! See the Inworld link. We are a Trusted reseller of authentic unadulterated Gacha items. All our event items from Epipihany, Gacha Garden Kustom9 and more carry the 100% Guarantee that the items were pulled directly from the Gacha machine at the event.

Also visit:
GACHA CRAZY Antiques at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beraudes/125/193/3304


Gacha items are No-Copy and I am NOT the creator therefore I cannot refund, redeliver or replace the items you purchase.

Purchase your Gacha items one at a time.
Do not Gift it, it's Transfer, you can send it yourself.
Make sure you are online to receive it.
Avoid unpacking or receiving items in laggy places.
Thank you for your purchase!

Inworld Store

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